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What is Text to Landline?

Text to landline is simply the ability to allow text messaging to be used for 2-way messaging and mass texting on a landline phone number. In addition to the current landlines, it is also possible to secure new local and toll free numbers for text messaging.You can connect with people who do not want to pick up the phone to call, but still need to communicate with you, by setting up your landline to send and receive messages. If your current number doesn’t accept landline text, it is possible that the text messages that people are trying to send you are missing.

How Landline Texting Works

It’s very easy to make a landline for texting. The 2 things phone numbers help … voice and text. All landlines are voice-enabled, but with their capacity to send or receive text messages, most do not do anything. Since voice and text are 2 roles that are completely separate, they operate separately from each other. This enables us to handle your business text messaging while the voice is handled by the phone company.

A painless method that is completely done by us is having your landline set up to send and receive text messages. Usually, getting up and running takes around 1 business day. Just follow the directions outlined in your account and we have the rest. When set up, our easy-to-use dashboard will handle all of your text messages and two-way conversations. You’ll be able to see who’s messaging you from there and answer back. For handling your messages on the go, you can also use our mobile app.

Importance and necessity of text-to-landline Services

Text messaging figures suggest that when a organisation wants to be contacted, 85 % of consumers choose to receive text messages over a phone call or email. That number is enormous and makes sense. When the younger millennial generation becomes a bigger part of your consumer base, they won’t want to call you. They won’t want you to give them a call. Via SMS, they’ll want to manage things. Having a lack of text to help the landline ensures that you won’t be able to communicate on their terms with your customers.
94% of companies that use text messaging to connect with their clients have found it to be a successful communication method and would recommend it to their peers; another impactful number. Customers will presume that they will be able to text you now that landline texting is becoming a more normal occurrence. Moreover, there’s a high chance that they already are! Those are not notifications that you would like to miss out on.