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Usually, MSPs provide clients with managed network services with service-level agreements (SLAs), which are contractual arrangements that set out the efficiency and quality measures in which the managed service will be delivered.Usually, MSPs provide clients with managed network services with service-level agreements (SLAs), which are contractual arrangements that set out the efficiency and quality measures in which the managed service will be delivered.
24 hours a day , 365 days a year, Managed Network Services offers support for your data and voice solutions so you can concentrate on your core business. We help you extend your equipment to new sites, update bandwidth and maintain it. Our team is your team. As part of the solution, we provide a bundle of different features chosen according to the needs and preferences of the customer in the field of network-managed services and network security.

The main goal is to relieve the user of all activities related to data network maintenance and administration. We provide remote, enterprise-wide network infrastructure management and monitoring for our customers. We take full responsibility for the operations and maintenance of your day-to-day network. Network management capabilities, such as a network operations centre, are delivered either on-site or remotely from our network facilities.

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Mobile Network
Expense Management
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Answering SVCS

#01 Mobility as a service ( MaaS)

Mobility as a service ( MaaS) is an online enterprise mobility solution focused on software that enables businesses to control mobile devices for employees. On-site servers and support hardware are not needed, as with on-demand cloud computing services. For a single monthly subscription fee, the mobile apps platform and system management features are supported. MaaS platform capabilities can include the ability to provide, manage, and protect devices from a single portal, along with support for existing enterprise applications, unified policy management, container-based protect content, and overall system reporting and analytics.

iOS Device Platform Web Solutions

IOS is the base of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with an easy-to-use interface, impressive functionality, and protection at its heart. It is built to look beautiful and function beautifully, so more engaging are even the simplest tasks. And because iOS is designed to take full advantage of the advanced technology built into Apple hardware, your devices are still years ahead of you every day.


Almost from our inception, we have been on the bleeding edge of iOS development. We have been a leader in the field of mobile app creation since 2010. As a iOS consultants we have been developing robust Enterprise software for the Apple ecosystem for years, beginning with our first iOS app, a mobile payment platform. We are growing the iOS platform to a capable Business mobility platform, ranging from conceptualization to device architecture to integration with the backend applications.

#02 Mobile Network

Mobile Network Reporting

With our improved technology team, mobile reports, designed for mobile devices and a number of other form factors can be generated easily by Reporting Providers. A variety of visualizations, from time, category, and comparison charts, to tree maps and custom maps, are available in mobile reports.


Link a number of data sources to your mobile reports, including on-premises SQL Server and Research Services data.

Lay out your mobile reports with customizable grid rows and columns on a template surface, and versatile mobile report components that scale well to any screen size.

Then save these mobile files to your Reporting Services server and view and interact with them on iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets, and Windows 10 devices in a browser or in the Power BI mobile app.

Mobile Device Management ( MDM)

Mobile Device Management ( MDM) is a type of security software used by an IT department to monitor , manage, and protect the mobile devices of employees (laptops, smartphones , tablets, etc.) that are deployed in the enterprise across multiple mobile service providers and across multiple mobile operating systems. MDM is a perfect way of extending conventional RMM capabilities. Remote monitoring and management (RMM) is a type of software designed to help remotely and proactively track client endpoints, networks and computers from managed IT service providers. This is also also known as remote IT control or referred to as it.

Application Filtering

Firewalls today need to develop to become more advanced in detecting new threats with changing business reliance on data with the increasing use of apps to penetrate network to leak data. The growing demand for bandwidth and newer architectures such as Web 2.0 are changing the way network protocols are used and information is transmitted.
As more communications go through standard protocols such as HTTP and HTTPS, last generation firewalls have largely been blind to such risks. Websites are now increasingly replaced by apps, which has made it imperative to provide solutions for filtering malicious applications that cause data threats. Although certain applications can be very helpful to organizations, other applications may be very dangerous, such as torrents and proxy applications.

CyberReef Solutions

CyberReef Solutions simplifies and accelerates the ability of consumers on the Carrier Wireless Network to implement secure virtual private networks (VPNs) for Internet of Things (IoT) communications. CyberReef provides end-user customers with M2 M Private Networking Services on a subscription basis. The solution lies inside the Carrier Network. The company hosts sub-networks of M2 M modems for clients and connects clients via Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to these devices.

#03 Expense Management

Wireline Expense Management

“Wireline” means literally “not wireless”. A standard telephone, in other words. We ‘d bet, even on this wireless day, that every desk in your building still has a phone sitting on it. Imagine the possible cost benefits in handling the environment proactively. Gain visibility and save the world. The full and correct details needed to control costs can be collected and managed by our Clearview expense management programme. And the methods include;

  • Wireline Phone Cursory & Detailed Auditing of Invoices
  • Benchmarking, Benchmarking
  • Contract Conformity
  • Control of Inventories
  • Processing Wireline Invoice
  • Optimizing Networks
  • Diagramming Networks
  • Purchase and Order Fulfillment
  • Control of RFP
  • Reporting / Personalized Standard Reporting
  • Calling Test
  • Control of Vendors
  • Studies of WAN Performance

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

There may even be a Telecom Cost Management or TEM programme in place for some readers of this article, but many companies are just feeling the need for a TEM programme. This post will provide the subject with basic facts.


In order to proactively reduce costs, implement new efficiencies, improve awareness and provide better control for telecom services (fixed and mobile voice and data), TEM programme have been developed. With the growing blurring between IT and telecommunications, TEM programme often include IT cost control.


Under the TEM heading, some acronyms and other words break. Wireless Expense Management or WEM focuses on mobile expenditures through system and service plan procurement sites for staff, and emphasis on the management and optimization of voice minute pools and shared data plans. New terms, including Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), Managed Mobility Services (MMS), Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Mobile Security Management (MSM), have been implemented to address mobile device management and support.

Inventory management and change control, sourcing, procurement and delivery, invoice management, cost management, utilization and chargeback management, bill payment, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), monitoring, business intelligence are TEM focus areas.

#04 Physical Security

Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)

Hosted cloud-based video surveillance refers to VSaaS, or Video Surveillance as a Service. Usually, the service includes video recording, storage, remote viewing, alerts for management, and cyber protection. Using the cloud, video editing and maintenance is carried out off site. The VSaaS system, serving as a communication conduit, has an on-site interface to communicate with the cameras and the cloud.

  • GUI Based on Browser
  • iOS / Android Mobile compatibility
  • 3D visualization & control of digital activities using GIS maps
  • Policy-based capabilities for storage & archiving
  • Nearly all camera & encoder manufacturers are funded by
  • Multi-tenanting
  • Ability to analyze incidents and warnings by watching warning videos simultaneously at different stages

Access Card Security System

From a 1-door standalone to completely extended, 128-door, networked equipment, we will meet all your access control systems requirements. We serve the leading manufacturers of the new access control devices in the industry, such as Alarm Lock Systems, Corby Industries, Cadex, Digital Security Controls (DSC), Firex, International Electronics, Inc. (IEI), Locknuts, VI sonic and Von Duprin. Keypads, proximity alarms, magnetic strips, bar code scanners, and head-end devices are part of our access control systems and devices.

From simple systems for just a few doors to systems with larger scale and even enterprise requirements, with integrated video, photo badges, biometrics, graphic maps, telephone entry and many other powerful features, we offer systems to meet requirements of all types. Using conventional proprietary security networking methods, or normal TCP / IP networking using the current network or one dedicated to the safety device, our hardware can be deployed.

#05 Surveys

Aerial drone survey services

Land point is a full data collection provider for end-to – end drones. We rapidly and more cost-effectively capture, analyze, and distribute aerial data than ever before.


Our drone surveying deliverables lead the industry in precision at 1 cm / pixel resolution. Turn-around time can be as little as a couple of hours. Our team can easily and safely provide a UAV LiDAR survey at an unparalleled price point, whether the project is a 100-mile pipeline inspection, mining volume measurement, or a vegetation / crop diagnosis.

#06 Answering SVCS

Live Virtual Receptionists & Chat 24/7/365

A virtual office receptionist is a actual person who in your virtual office answers the telephone, performs typical receptionist duties and offers a number of other support services.


We redirect the call to one of our receptionists when your customers call your business phone line. The receptionist answers the call using your company name and the greeting you have mentioned, with all your account details in front of them.


The virtual receptionist can forward the client to your on-call staff, encourage them to leave a message, or arrange an appointment for them just as your in-house receptionist might do, depending on the nature of the call.

A friendly, attentive client service team, accessible around the clock, says a lot about your company’s efficiency and dedication. We have a personal reception service that is customized to your needs. Our telephone service will increase your customer loyalty and boost your workflow, in addition to ensuring you never miss a call.